Sunday, 7 March 2010

ANI09207 Industry Exercises 2

At the beginning of this project i didnt have a clue on wich footage to use or what to do.My aim was to understand a bit better lighting and matchmoving in Maya and learn a bit more on After fx.After looking to lots of footage, This project hasnt gone anywhere close to what i wanted.i was going to use el topo from jodorowsky,but it didnt have what i really wanted.i wanted a piece of footage that could be seen as a separate story.i finally decided to use the movie 'gods comedy' from portuguese director joao cesar monteiro.Found lots of problems while trying to convert the movie file.Afterwards i was unable to open the image sequence into mayalive.i tried all types of exports and settings but still no image appeared.the problem still hasnt been solved .its probably from my graphics card or some problem with video conversion software.while trying to sort this,i was modeling objects for the scene and learning about lighting ,texturing ,rendering,glass and metal shaders.Right near the end,the problem with mayalive wasnt solved.i ended up creating a set in maya,and animating some elements in it.afterwards i used some footage from the movie ''daybreakers'' and masked and composited with the scene from maya.   

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